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Highlands - Scotland

Highlands, Region

Open waters, spectacular scenery, clear blue skies and fresh clean air. Welcome to the magical highlands of Scotland, one of the most remarkably unspoilt landscapes in Europe. Stretching from Fort William, the sixty mile long Caledonian Canal divides the Highlands in a straight line from coast to coast and opens up the Great Glen to you. The great areas of open water and short canal stretches are full of variety and contrast as it takes you through the vast Loch Ness, the islets of the shallower Loch Oich and then into the wild Loch Lochy, at the foot of which Britain's highest mountain Ben Nevis lies.
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Rousing history and stunning landscapes await your arrival in the Highlands at Laggan. Steeped in antiquity, the lush green hillsides clad in silvery heather simply exude the essence of