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Venice - Italy

Venise et sa lagune, Region

Cruise on the Venice Lagoon, and you'll be left with unforgettable memories. From sleepy villages to historic cities, from fashionable beach resorts such as the Lido to fishermen's settlements and typically Mediterranean family bathing scenes,Venice's hinterland reveals its hidden treasures to you on a voyage as remarkable for its natural landscapes as for its picturesque villages. Separated from the sea by a narrow neck of land, the lagoon immediately reveals itself in all its vastness. Chioggia, a marvellous little town linked by bridges to the mainland, has an amazing fish market and is the southernmost port on the lagoon. Follow the
deep water channels to the traditional fishing village of Pellestrina, then cross the Malamocco shipping channel and head for
Venice. The Campanile of St Marks is slowly outlined on the horizon. Arriving in Venice by water, you u enjoy a stunning view of the
Serenissima's most famous spot, with the Basilica of St Mark and the Palace of the Doges. Cruising on northwards, romantic
islands ripple out; Murano with its glassblowers, Burano, the lacemaking island, and Torcello whose cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is one of the greatest Venetian monuments of the Byzantine age. Its mosaics in particular are superb. Once past these
charming islands, extend your cruise up to Treviso, on the meandering tree-lined River Sile, or alternatively on the Brenta Canal,
whose rustic landscapes recall the canvases of Canaletto. Alternating with vineyards are magnificent villas by Palladio, most of which you are able to visit. With so much sightseeing, you will need to get in plenty of bathing too, and between Chioggia and
Grado you'll find some of the finest beaches on the Adriatic.
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Croisière en Venise et sa lagune

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Chioggia (a little fisherman village in the south of the Venice lagoon) has traditionally been the first base in Italy. Its central location in relation to the Padano/Veneto waterway makes
Casale sul Sile

Croisière en Venise et sa lagune

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Sile river brings you to the Venice lagoon, about 4 hours sailing from Casier. Wonderful natural environment, wild, rich in plants and flowers. Many interesting villages dotted along

Croisière en Venise et sa lagune

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Our new base rental boat Precenicco is located in the heart of the Italian countryside, a few miles of the most beautiful beaches in the country. This region is called Friuli, and is