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Lago Grande - Portugal

Grande Lago, Region

The Grand Lago : the biggest artificial lake in Europe with its 250 km², situated near the Spanish border, is 83 km long and has a perimeter of 1160 km.

From Amieira Marina, you will cruise on waters of an incredible quality, where the Nature lovers will take delight in bathing, fishing, scuba diving and taking pictures.

With your family or friends, you will have the choice to moor on an islet to be “Robinson Crusoe” for one night or at nautic Stops allowing an easy access to the beautiful surrounding Villages and places of interest such as Alqueva dam, amazing piece of work inaugurated in 2002 ; the village of Luz, in the past swallowed up and then identically rebuilt on the bank of the Grande Lago (don't miss the museum); Mourao, its castle and its fortifications of the 13th century; Monsaraz, fortified city with its narrow and paved streets s endowed with a splendid bullring still used for corridas…

With more than 300 sunny days per year, go for a cruise on the Grande Lago in total freedom!

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Amieira Marina

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With its 250 km2 spread over 83 km in length and 1160 km in perimeter, Lago Alqueva offers you the possibility of unique and original river cruises that are both… It is from the